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Amitabh Bachchan Ads for Gujarat Heritage- Gujarat Tourism Promotion

It was nothing but a big surprise when Gujarat received Mr.Amitabh Bachchan for promoting the heritage of Gujarat Tourism and explore the lifestyle and cultures of Gujarat. Mr.Narendra Modi also congratulated for promoting such beautiful Ads for Gujarat Tourism to all over the world.

A Successful Campaign of Water-Shed Management in Gujarat

Gujarat has brought in the Water-Shed Management Programme to bring about efforts to solve water problems across the state. Gujarat Government has brought such an initiative and has solved more than half of the issues in Gujarat related to water. People of Gujarat are supporting the cause very much in Gujarat.

Gujarat's Revolutionary Programme- SWAGAT

Gujarat Government has introduced a new innovative programme- SWAGAT under the collaboration of Chief Minister of Gujarat and its Governing Bodies located at various levels. The prgramme will look after the problems of the people with an easier mode of communication through Internet.

Value Added Tax(VAT) Registration becomes Easy- Gujarat Government

Vale Added Tax(VAT) underlays simpler rules for more ease of access during the registrations for Traders for VAT. It will be accessing and verifying various documents within a short period of time so that VAT Registrations for any new members will be alloted within five days.

Medical admission update

This resource will give information of counseling of B.J.Medical college and list of sits available in Medical and paramedical admission in Gujarat. | counseling schedule.
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