Temples in Gujarat

Temples in Gujarat

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Religious Temples in Bhavnagar District

This article gives an overview of some of the most religious temples in Bhavnagar district. It includes Takhteshwar temple, Khodiyar temple-Rohishala, Jain temples at Palitana. Article also describes importance and history related to each temple. Khodiyar temple is dedicated to Goddess Khodiyaar Maa, Takhteshwar temple is dedicated to Lord shiva and Jain temples are dedicated to Jain tirthankars like Lord Mahavir and other great mans in Jain religion.

Somnath temple in Gujarat

Somnath temple is among most popular temples in India and is situated in Gujarat state of country. Here in this article you will find complete information about Somnath temple including its history, accommodation and how to reach details. For more information kindly read below.

Dwarkadish Temple - 'Jagat Mandir' Dwarka, Gujarat

This resource is a glimpse of the temple of Lord Krishna from the time of Lord Krishna's kingdom in Dwarka, Gujarat. Temple was built about 2500 years ago by Lord Krishna's grandson and this temple is also known as 'Jagat Mandir' which is having two dwars means Gateways, many shrines of Vasudev, Devki, Devi Rukamani, Devi Satyabhama, Devi Jambuvati etc. Bet Dwarka is the place where it is believed that Lord Krishna lived at that place. Read the full resource to know various details.

Dwarkadhish temple in Gujarat

Dwarka which was identified as Suvarna Dwarka (The Golden Dwarka) had been real prosperous and thence got the argot. The Dwarkadhish tabernacle degree Avatar Bhagwan and attracts thousands of pilgrims from variant parts of the state. The Dwarka of Avatar's indication lies submerged low the Peninsula Sea. Practice has itthat Avatar's abidance was at Bet Dwarka, a few kms from the mainland Dwarka.

Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple, Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

This article is all about one of the largest temple/mandir in Gujarat and even in India. This temple is solely dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. The temple is a one spot combination of cultural heritage, social gathering, humanity, knowledge spot and many more. Lord Swaminarayan Murti is made up of Gold. Temple is also having exhibition halls to show people about Indian history, Swaminarayan religious events, Water shows and garden.

Girnar temple in Gujarat

Girnar is among top holiest places in Gujarat and here in this article you will find complete information about Girnar temple including its history, various temples, its importance, nearby tourist places, how to reach and lot other details. For full information kindly read below.

Akshardham temple in Gujarat

Gujarat state of India is known for diversity. Here in this article you will find complete information about Akshardahm temple in state including its history, timings and how to reach details. For full and detailed information please reas below.

Ambaji Temple

In this article of Ambaji temple. Ambaji is an important temple town with millions of Poeples visiting the Ambaji temple every year. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. The full moon of Bhadrapad is one of the four most important festival days of the year and this time farmers and agriculturists come to Ambaji.

First Jyotirling - Somnath Temple in Gujarat

This resource is all about Somnath Temple which is first among the twelve jyotirlings of God Mahadev and situated at Prabhas Patan area of Gujarat. Many pilgrimage areas are nearby Somnath to visit alongside Somnath Temple. Somnath Temple is holiest pilgrimage for people of India and especially for Hindus. Present Somnath temple which is stood proudly was attacked several times by foreigner. This article give more details further.

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