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Navratri - The Festival to worship Goddess and to play Garba

Navratri is one of biggest festival in Gujarat. This is world famous festival. Navratri Garba is very famous folk dance in Gujarat. It has given separate identity to Gujarat. So lets us know about Navratri celebration and its different days.

List of Festivals in Gujarat

Festivals in Gujarat Are celebrated with great gusto and religious sentiment denoting unity and feeling of brotherhood. Festivals of Gujarat are extremely colorful and elaborate.

Vautha Fair - The sangam tirtha in gujarat

Seven holy rivers mix waters here: the Vatrak merges with the Meshwo, Hathmati, Shedhi, Majum and Khari before it then meets the Sabarmati, so the locals call it saptasangam.the largest animal fair in Gujarat, where they are traded on the fair grounds at the sangam tirtha. People generally arrive here on tractors, buses chhakdas, camels, jeeps and other means of transport.

Public fairs in Gujarat - Gujarat na lok mela

This article gives information related to public fairs(lok mela) like ‘Tarnetar no melo’,’Vautha no melo’,’Shamlaji no melo’,’Palli no melo’ ,’Bhavnath no melo’etc..,which are organized at different different places during the year according to gujarati months.

Diwali - The Festival of Lights and its related Festivals - Festivals in Gujarat

This article Provide Brief Introduction to the Festival Diwali and its Related Festivals.Diwali is the biggest festival of Indians and Specially Hindus.It is also known as festival of light.It is celebrated in India as well as in whole world where the Indian People are Located,with great joy and happiness.The related festivals to Diwali are Dhan teras,Kalichaudas or mini Diwali, Diwali,New year day,Bhai bij or duj and Dev Diwali.

Festivals in Gujarat - Ramadan, Eid-Al-Fitr and Eid-Al-Adha

With the new moon arrives, the festival starts with the end of 'Ramadan', a month when Muslims fast also called as Roza whole day and eat only at night. Eid-Al-Fitr is celebrated on the 1st day of Shawaal, the 10th month in Muslim calendar after end of long fast during the month of Ramadan.

Festivals in Gujarat

In several states of India, but especially in Gujarat & Maharashtra clay idols of Ganesh in varying sizes are made and sold.One of the most popular Gods in India, lord Ganesh or Ganpati is considered a symbol of wisdom and a bringer of good luck.Meetings, gatherings, weddings, functions and celebrations begin with a prayer of lord Ganesh and no new venture, be it a new company, a new house, a new shop is inaugurated without reciting a 'mantra' of lord Ganesh.

Festivals in Gujarat - Navaratri Pujan

The essence of this is that for ten nights there is worship of ten different energies called NAVDURGA. On every day of NAVRATRI a respective form of Devi Durga appears or evolves step by step & if she is worshipped, given offerings humbly and respectfully and if we meditate upon her divine evolvement, we get immense benefits by getting connected to higher universal positive dimensions.

Shrawan month special recipes - Aloo chat

Farali recipe of aloo chat,which we can eat during our fast or any vrat.It is specially made by aloo and other indian spices and spicy and sweet be ready to prepare the delicious,spicy and yummy chat.

Janmasthami - one of the important festivals in Gujarat

Janmasthami is well known as Festival of krishna bhakti.It's celebrated LORD KRISHNA'S birth with joy and happiness.There are unathore celebretions like krishna janm,dahi handi fode,ras garba etc.,People have fast on that day.So they eat farali food items instead of regular food.

Garba - Navaratri Festivals - Gujarat's famous dance

Garba is a popular dance form of Gujarat. It is a circular form of dance performed by women on the Navaratri, Sharad Purnima, Vasant Panchami, Holi and similar other festivals.

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