First Jyotirling - Somnath Temple in Gujarat

This resource is all about Somnath Temple which is first among the twelve jyotirlings of God Mahadev and situated at Prabhas Patan area of Gujarat. Many pilgrimage areas are nearby Somnath to visit alongside Somnath Temple. Somnath Temple is holiest pilgrimage for people of India and especially for Hindus. Present Somnath temple which is stood proudly was attacked several times by foreigner. This article give more details further.

Somnath Mandir is one of the first Jyotirlings of Lord Mahadev (Shiv) and is situated in Gujarat at Prabhas Patan or Prabhas Kshetra nearby sea shore of Arabian Sea which is nearer to Veraval beach of Gujarat. Somnath Temple is holiest pilgrimage for People of India.

Present somnath Temple and Jyotirling

History of Somnath Mahadev Temple

It is said that for the first time this Somnath Mahadev temple is built by God Som (Chandradev) when Lord Mahadev give him life when God Som was cursed by Prajapati Daksha. It was mentioned in Bhagvat Purans, Shiv Puran, Skandpuran that God Som loved only one wife and did partial behavior with other wife called Revti. When Prajapati Daksha knew this, he cursed God Som to become periodic wanning. Lord Shiv then partially freed from this curse and God Som built this temple in complete gold. So, Somnath is meant by 'Protector of Som' and Lord Somnath is Mahadev. Later this temple is built in Silver by Ravana and in Sandlewood by Lord Shri Krishna. It is said that first temple was built before 8 crore years from now. So, Somnath temple is remain as source of inspiration.

This temple is a landmark and ideal in Indian cultural history. Somnath Temple had been destroyed many times by foreign invaders who were attracted by its treasures. In 725 AD, Junayad destroid the temple and then Sultan Allauddin Khilji, Muzaffar Shah-I and Mahmud Begda invaded and looted the temple to get its treasures. The modern temple was reconstructed by efforts of Sardar Patel who visited the Somnath temple on November 13 1947 and on 11 May 1951, President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, did the 'Pran-Pratistha' at the existing temple. Now this modern temple is handled by Shri Somnath Trust.

Old somnath temple in destroid condition

Places to visit in Somnath

Somnath also has more places to visit other than God Shiv's Somnath Temple. Somnath is having many tourist places to visit and that include

Triveni Ghat is a place to visit and it is the confluence of three holy rivers Saraswati, Kapila and Hiranya with sea.

Gita Mandir
Gita Mandir is built in order to remember Lord Krishna's message given at time of Kurukshetra battle between Pandvas and Kauravas.This temple is having Sri mad Bhagvat Gita's messages carved on 18 marbel pillar,

Lakshmi-Narayan Mandir/temple
Lakshmi-Narayan Mandir which is situated on the banks of Triveni Ghat and Gita Mandir and it is one of the famous pilgrimage spots at Somnath. The temple is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi-Narayan or Lord Vishnu and it is said that it is replica of Laxmi-Narayan temple of Badrinath.

Other Temples at Somnath Shri Parshuram temple and Suraj Mandir, Kamnath Mahadev Temple are also place where one can go and worship God Parshuram and Surajdev and Lord Shiv.

Bhalka Teerth
Bhalka Teerth is at 5 km from Somnath, is a pilgrim place for specially Vaishnav people and it is believed that this is the place where Lord Krishna was hit when he was in meditation by an arrow by so called 'poacher' and which is marked the end of Dwaparva Yuga.

Junagadh Gate is also situated at entrance to Somnath from Veraval which is a historic monument to remind the invasion by Mohammed Ghazani.

Pilgrimage places at Somnath
Somnath is having pilgrimage trips to Panch Pandava Gufa and Vallabhghat which is nearby Somnath and acts a Sunset Point.

Dehotsarg Tirth is located at a distance of 1.5km from Somnath temple and it is on bank of Hiran. This is the divine place where Lord Krishna took his last journey to Vaikunth-Neejdham. Dehotsarg Tirth is also mentioned in Mahabharat, Shri mad Bhagvat, Vishnu Puran. According to Swami Shri Gajananand Saraswatiji's research he suggested that that divine time was 18th February, 3102 B.C. Alos divine foot print of Lord krishna is carved here to mark the divine memory of him.

'Dauji-ni Gufa': Baldevji also took his final journey from here in his original form i.e. Serpent form and the place is known as 'Dauji-ni Gufa'

How to reach Somnath Temple

Somnath by Air
Diu is nearest airport to Somnath which is 90 km away from Somnath city and this airport is connected to Mumbai only. Somnath is far 118 km from Porbandar Airport and 164 km from Rajkot.
Somnath by Train
Somnath city is just 5 km away from nearest railway station i.e. Veraval
Somnath by Bus
State transport buses and private luxury buses are available and is at 465 km from Ahmedabad.


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