List of Gujarati sentences commonly used - I

This is a list of Gujarati sentences commonly used

List of Gujarati sentences commonly used

How much money did he pay you? - Tene tamne ketla paisa aapya?

How much distance to go? - Te jaga ketali dur chhe?

How was the journey yesterday? - Gaye kal no safar kevo hato?

Which way did you come? - Tame kai baju nikalya hata?

Which is your favourite colour? - Tamaro man pasand rang kayo chhe?

In which room did you sleep? - Tame kya room ma sui gaya hata?

Which story did you tell? - Tame kai varta kidhi?

Which is the sweetest fruit? - Sav thi mithu fal kayu che?

Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? - Sav thi saru hindi chapu kayu chhe?

Where did you come from? - Tame kya thi aviya cho?

Where did you sleep? - Tame kya sui gaya hata?

Where is the manager's cabin? - Manager ni cabin kya chhe?

Where should I go? - Hun kya jau?

Whom should I contact? - Hun kone sampark karu?

Is it a book? - Shu aa chopadi chhe?

It is a book - aa chopadi chhe

Is it a room? - Shu aa room chhe?

It is a room - Aa room chhe?

Is it the answer? - Shu aa jawab chhe?

Will you come with me? - Shu tame mari shathe aavasho?

Will you give me your pen? - Tame shu mane tamari kalam aapsho?

Do you love me? - Shu Tame mane prem karo cho?

Can you give me your pen? - Shu tame mane kalam aapsho?

Can you lift the box? - Shu tame khokhu uchki sako chho?

Can you write the exam? - Shu tame pariksha lakhi saksho?

Can you give me something to drink? - Shu tame mane kaik piva aapasho?

Can anybody give me a pen to write? - Shu koi mane lakhava mate kalam aapshe?

Did you have your lunch? - Shu tame jaman kariyu?

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