List of Gujarati sentences commonly used

This is a List of Gujarati sentences commonly used

List of Gujarati sentences commonly used

What did you do? - Tame / te shu kariyu?

What should I do? - Hun shu karu?

What can I do? - Hun tamare mate shu karu / kari shaku?

What are the questions? - Tamara shu prashno chhe?

What were the questions? - Tamara prashno kaya hata?

What is the last question? - Tamaro chhelo prashna kayo chhe?

What is written in the letter? - Patra ma shu lakhyu chhe?

What you had been told? - Tamane shu kahava ma avyu hatu?

What will be the answer? - Aano jawab shu chhe?

Why did you come? - Tame shu kaam aaviya?

Why did you sleep? - Tame shu kaam sui gaya?

Why did you tell him to go? - Tame tene sha mate chalya java kidhu?

Why did he bring the bag? - Te peli theli sha mate laviyo?

Why did she pay the money? - Tene sha mate paisa apiya?

Why did they sit there? - Te loko sha mate tya besi gaya?

Why do you drive the car? - Tame sha mate gadi chalavi?

Why are they late for the meeting? - Te loko meeting mate sha mate moda padiya?

How did you come? - Tame kevi rite aviya?

How did you sleep? - Tame kevi rite sui gaya?

How did you drive? - Tame kevi rite gadi chalavi?

How did you write? - Tame kevi rite lakhyu?

How many apples are there in your hand? - Tamara Hath ma ketala safargan chhe?

How many did you take? - Tame ketala lidha hata?

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