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    Narendra Modi ask people to tweet his weaknesses

    Hi Friends,
    As we all know that Lok Sabha Election 2014 is coming and both major political party have started their preparation. At this time our chief minister Narendra Modi is now also using social media as their part of strategy for election. Recently, in press conference Narendra Modi ask people to tweet his weaknesses. As he said, "No human being is perfect. Everyone has some weakness or the other. I too have shortcomings," Modi told the women's wing of industry lobby FICCI here when asked to spell out his weakness. The chief minister said he had all the weaknesses that afflicted ordinary humans. But he quickly added that his "sanskar" (upbringing) helped him to progress in life on the strength of character so the shortcomings get diluted along the way.

    Vishal Gabani
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    We can see the leadership quality in Narendra Modi's given speech. How should the actual Leader react? If we can remove our defects, our weakness then we can bring the changes.
    With Best Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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    Narendra modi, our chief minister is now going to New delhi. We hope that he will be do something for our country, India. And he use social media very well in his election strategy.

    BJP and congress as well as AAp(aam aadmi party) will also major factor in Loksabha election 2013. At this time, People have to help Modi against his weakness through social media as modi suggest.


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    I don't this that he will really work and improve on his weakness. Either he is gaining some popularity from such social media like the publicity.
    z i n !
    ",,...Even smile can be Charity...,," Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)

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