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    Do you know some short names of Educationists in Ahmedabad?

    Ahmedabad has great persons who not only established renowned educational institutes but also established noble educational standards in the city. These persons have not interested in disclose their names, they all are famous for their short names such as HL, AG, MG, etc. very few people are known their original names, some of the full name of such persons are give here:

    1. H L College of Commerce – Hargovandas Lakshmichand
    2. A G High School – Acharatlal Girdhardas
    3. H K Arts and Commerce College – Harivallabh Kalidas
    4. C U Shah College - Chimanlal Ujamshi
    5. L D Art College - Lalbhai Dalpatbhai
    6. M G Science College - Mafat Gagal
    7. L D College of Engineering - Lalbhai Dalpatbhai
    8. B. J. Medical College - Byramjee Jeejeebhoy
    9. C N Vidyalaya - Chimanlal Nagindas
    10. SLU Arts and Commerce College - Shree Lalshankar Umiyasankar
    11. Smt. NH Municipal Medical College - Smt. Nathiba Hargovandas Lakhmichand
    12. BK school of Business Management - Bihari Kanaiyalal
    13. M N Law College - Maneklal Nanavati
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    Hi Hitesh
    Thanks for sharing this knowledgeable information. It is fact that many of it's students may also not know name of it's educationalist. Normally we should know such details if we are studying in college....

    Vishal Gabani

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