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    Fundamentals of Success !

    Fundamentals of Success !

    Everyone likes one word "success" but few are know how to get it and what are the simple rules for getting success. However the only formula is that there is nothing like formula of success ! The formula for success is differs from person to person and situation to situation depends upon the lot of factors like aim, type of work, quantum of work and situation.

    Some people say that ever performing work is the first principle of success. This is true to some extent but this sentence can be re-modified as ever performing smart and accurate work is the first principle of success. Because sometimes you do hard work but don't get success, why this happened? The reason is that though you do hard work but you may not do smart and accurate work.

    So constantly keep this thing in mind while performing your duty or work which makes soother your way towards success.
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    Hi Hitesh
    You bring good topic for discussion. Success is the thing which relates to each and every persons. It is also very important topic also for youth of this generation. Because as you say there are various factors effecting the success like hard work, aim, ambition, principles etc. Now a day every young person want to get successful in his life but some of them don't want to work hard, Some of them work hard but not smarter and some of them take shortcut to achieve their goal. Here one thing should be cleared that success can not be obtained by shortcut. Hard work, aim and smart work are only principles of success. Here smart work has it's own importance because each and every hard work may not give success to person.

    Vishal Gabani

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