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    Why it is said that Gujarati's are less in our country's defense system?

    Hello, members
    We normally heard from the people that we are very good at business but we are not much interested in country's defense system whether it is army, navy or air force. Why? Who is responsible for this or why we Gujarati's are less concerned about this?
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    I agree with you that we are looking forward to the business instead of the defence.Because if all the indian peoples are going to defence then there is no growth of the india.So most of the gujarati peoples are looking forward to the business.

    Krishnaraj jadav

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    It is really interesting reply had given by krishnaraj.

    Also i agree that the gujarati peoples are very less interesting in defense as your topic, Due to trend (called in local language "paramparagat""varsagat""blood relation").



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