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    Can I have two account in adsense?


    Can i have a two different account in Adsense for different website.

    Will it be a good idea or my earning will reduce.

    what is advantage and disadvantage of it.
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    Hello Mr.Zini,

    Thats actually not possible to do so. First of all Google allows only one Adsense per IP Address. Even if you link two Adsense in one IP, you will face a rejection of both the Adsense account, since Google is quite clear with its guidelines.

    Moreover there is no need for two Adsense, one Adsense account is enough for it. There is nothing as such that one Adsense will gain more than the other. It totally depends on the type of contributions that individuals concentrate on various topics.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sashwato Chatterjee

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    Hi Sashwato,

    Welcome back after long time :)

    I have created one adsense with GSP site and this account link with DNS also.

    Now i want to create other adsense for my personal blog. So is it possible to create with same name account holder on different email address.

    z i n !
    ",,...Even smile can be Charity...,," Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)

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    Hello Zini,

    As you already have one Adsense in your hand, you can associate the particular Adsense to more than hundreds of sites.

    There is no need to have other Adsense for your personal blog.

    Moreover, Google allows only one Adsense per IP Address. Even If you apply for Adsense with whatever information, you will not get the approval in anyways since Google monitors each and every IP for their security check.

    Afterwards your original account which you presently have will also be under a bit of a trouble from Google, since they would believe that you are under the mode of creating multiple accounts with Adsense and trying to fool them around.

    We advise you not to go anywhere else, but use your very own Adsense which you have.

    Sashwato Chatterjee

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    Hi zini,

    Its always good to have one account and maintain the stability to earn through that. There are chances of you getting blocked if you have more than 1 account and many other issues pertaining to it.

    So have one account and concentrate on it.

    Thanks & Regards,

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