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    Discuss: Which processor better to buy and why? please give some technical point.

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Which processor better to buy and why? please give some technical point.'.
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    Hi can anyone discuss about this two well know processor manufacturing company. want to know.
    z i n !
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    hey zini both are good processor but intel is well known company so its market value is good then AMD.

    AMD Processors

    AMD boasts of three processor ranges - high end, middle end and basic. There are three processors in each category. The high end category consists of the AMD Phenom II X6, AMD Phenom II X4 and AMD Phenom II X2. Phenom II X6 is AMD's first six core processor meant for optimized and very high performance level. Phenom II X4 is equipped with quad-core Phenom II X6 chips and these chips are specifically designed for very exceptional quality multimedia use and for advanced applications. Phenom II X2 is a 2 core capacity processor which ensures good quality overall performance at a very economical price.

    The mid end category consists of the AMD Phenom II X3, AMD Turion II and AMD Turion II Ultra. The Phenom II X3 is a 3 core customer class processor with 64-bit computing capability, designed for delivering optimum performance at an economic price. Both Turions are designed for excellent multimedia output and they mostly come with AMD or ATI graphics, needless to say, at very economic prices.

    The basic AMD processors are the AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon Neo and AMD Athlon Neo X2. Considered best for mobile computing, the AMD Sempron is quite a popular option for low budget desktops and laptops. This processor is fit for very basic computing requirements such as Internet browsing, basic office functions and e-mail. Athlon Neo and Athlon Neo X2 come with lesser processing power and are economic power consumers and are mostly found in netbooks and nettops. Due to being integrated with ATI graphics, these basic processors also offer decent multimedia output.

    Intel Processors
    Not to be outdone by AMD, Intel is a tough contender when it comes to Intel and AMD processor comparison. Similar to AMD, Intel also offers three ranges of processors - high end, mid end and basic - with the first category comprising of three and the rest comprising of two products. High end Intel processors consist of the latest Core i series - the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7. Core i7 and Core i5 come with 2, 4 or 6 (available in Core i7 only) capacities and are 64-bit processors. Both of these come with Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost technologies. Turbo Boost technology ensures increased overall performance and takes care of aspects like the number of active cores, power consumption, processor temperature, etc. Core i3 also has these features, except for Turbo Boost technology. Core i5 has lesser cache memory than i7.

    The mid end range includes the Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Pentium Dual Core processors. The former boasts of two processing cores which enhance gaming and multimedia output. The latter is based on the Core micro-architecture and delivers decent multimedia output.

    The basic Intel processors include the Intel Centrino, Intel Centrino Duo and the Intel Atom. Both Centrino Processors are popular options for mobile computing and small laptops. Intel Atom is designed to consume very less power, but then, its processing powers are limited as well.

    Thanks & Regards:
    Pal (Parthiv) Patel

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    Hi Pal Parthiv,

    That was tooo good info everything about AMD and Intel. Thanks.

    I think there is Clocking problem in AMD which damage processor. I am not sure about that.

    z i n !
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    Hi Parthiv,
    Sharing knowledge is very important, you have done good work.
    Regards: Srinivasan

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    very well said Srinivasan :)
    z i n !
    ",,...Even smile can be Charity...,," Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)

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