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    The Brief History of Gujarat.

    Gujarat, on the western coast of India , has its own personality, character and glory. The history of Gujarat is ancient with exhaustive cultural features. The character is dynamic and lively. The history may date back to pre-historic age and has a specific contribution to Indian history.

    Whatever we mean by 'history ', the history of gujarat is not chronologically and systematically available so far. The history-books are written during the contemporary times, have been dependent on the conclusion from old manuscripts, stone inscriptions , metal-plates, coins and ancient literature. The style of narration in ancient books and Puranas has been the story-telling. The element of imagination is bound to be there. Hence, the material of history is found in those books, instead pure history.

    The history of Gujarat , that can be measured by time, dates back to the last stages of fourth century B.C. The history of human culture prior to the period begins with the stone age.

    The references of Gujarat and Saurastra are to be found in the Mahabharata, 'Arthshastra' of Chanakya, Deval Smriti and Buddha stories written during 1st Century A.D. There is a clear reference to Saurastra in the stone inscription at Girnar, of Maha Kshatrap Rudramahal of 150 A.D.

    The remains and reminiscences of the people living at Rozdi (Shrinathgadh) near Gondal in Saurastra of 1850 B.C. and different strata of cultural life of Gujarat is at least no less than 4000 years old. The Harrapan remains found at Lothal in Ahmedabad district are also some 4000 years old.

    Some weapons of stone age have been found from ravines of river Bhadar near Rozdi. The archeologists believe that the weapons are as old as 2,00,000 years old.
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