Google Adsense & Gujaratspider-What are they?

Hello friends,
<h3>What is Gujaratspider?</h3>

-->Gujaratspider is the website created by Spider technologies to give part time income to the people.
-->Gujaratspider is the website which shares 90% Google adsense revenue to the member for their contribution here.If you have Google adsense account than you can connect it with Gujaratspider and start getting Google adsense revenue from your posted content for one year period.If you will show your activeness, then we will extend your revenue sharing period for more than 1 year according to your contribution level!!
-->If you do not have google adsense account than be active at Gujaratspider and try to get more than Gold level and after 6 to 7 month with good contribution<b>(it is the policy of Google adsense that your website by which you are registering for Google adsense should be old at-least 6-7 month)</b>

<h3>What is Google Adsense?</h3>
-->Google adsense is the programme run by Google Inc which pays money to the publisher for showing the advertise on their pages or websites.They pays you money when you reach the minimum payout 100$.
-->You will get money when one user click at the advertise shown at your page by Google,<b>never try to click your own ads because Google will catch you at all and your adsense account will be banned</b>

Be active here and earn with your posted content for 1 year!!