All About Me

I am studding in B.Pharm in surat in bhagvan mahavir college of pharmacy and it is good instuite for studiying pharmacy .

I am born in surat.
I have passed my H.S.C in archana vidhya bhavan and I got 87.00% in S.S.C. and took science stream. I got 70.00% in H.S.C.(sci)

Computer Skills:

• Programming languages: Basic
• Operating systems: Windows 95/98/XP
• Scientific applications/ Tools: Photoshop

I also like to chatting and reading new books.

I love making new friends on net and surfing on internet.

I like to playing chess and computer game.

I like to earn myself and to stand at my foot with my power,So I am assistant of my chemistry sir and earning for my pocketmoney.

My favourite things

Music: silent and alfa music. I like sad songs mostly!!!

Movies: Horrer and story type

TV: Cartoons network Tom & jerry poppay show

Books: E-books. medical books and general knowledge book

Sports: chess and computer games

Interests: I like to help others I like making new friends from all around the world

Dreams: I want to be famous one in the world. Even small child will say that "mamma I want to be like bhavesh" that's my dream !!!

Best Features: I can learn new things hurry than others !!!!

About Me: I love all my friends

Feel free to add me as your buddy .I am a good friend.